NYCC 2023 Photos – Slayers: A Buffyverse Story

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It’s hard to believe Buffy The Vampire Slayer ended 20 years ago!  There were rumors of a new Buffy series for a while, but it was Chris Golden and Amber Benson that finally developed the Audible Podcast series taking place in the Buffyverse.  Featuring a new slayer in Laya DeLeon Hayes and lots of returning characters – Charisma Carpenter, James C. Leary, James Marsters, Juliet Landau, and Emma Caulfield – who were all in attendance.  Anthony Head even reprises Giles, but missed the panel.

An interesting point, podcasts are not onscreen and as a result not subject to the Screen Actor’s Strike.  As a result, this was a great panel were the cast could actually take about the project!  Hayes plays a new 16 year old slayer.  Cordelia is a seasoned slayer who takes Hayes under her wing.  Drusilla is still evil, tempting Spike to the dark-side.

It’s amazing how good this cast looks.  Shame it is just a podcast!

Plenty of photos to see, all taken with the Canon R7 and the Canon RF 70-200mm lens.

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