NYCC 2023 Photos – Chris Evans Spotlight

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Chris Evans is such a nice guy.  After meeting him today, it’s true.  No airs, no pretense, just a really normal guy.  Very surprising considering his success. 

If you are at New York Comic Con 2023, you also know Evan is very popular.  All of his photo ops sold out within minutes.  In fact, they added additional photo ops for Wednesday before Comic Con officially opened to meet the demand.

Of course, at his Spotlight panel, Evans could not talk about any of his screen projects – no Captain America, no Avengers, not even Johnny Storm.  Instead, we heard about his dog Dodger which he rescued in 2017.  He also confirmed that he is married to Alba Baptista and had two ceremonies – one on the East Coast and one in Portugal.  Clearing wearing a wedding ring, he is also just enjoying married life.

Evan said the he enjoyed his time on Broadway and also directing.  He said that he would love to do it again with the right project.  He is looking, but he needs to feel the passion in order to commit to it.  Evans said he now considers any project dependent of the time of the year since he wants to enjoy the holidays with his family.  By the way, Evans favorite holidays are a toss-up between Halloween and Christmas.  Just a regular guy…

Lots of photos to see, all taken with the Canon R7 and the Canon RF 70-200mm.

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