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If you have been reading my blog, you know that this is not your typical Canon 7D user manual!

Most other authors pick-up the camera for the first time while writing their book. This ebook is a collection of my real world experiences … and I’m a photographer who actually uses the Canon 7D as his primary camera for both still photography and HD-Video.  I use the Canon 7D day-in and day-out.

This ebook contains over 50 of my best articles, newly updated and revised.

 It is available on the

for only $5.99.

 You can also download the ebook directly to your Android, iPhone/iPad/iTouch through the Kindle App, the Nook App or iTunes.  Just search their “store” for “photoframd“.

I. General Canon 7D Tips for Everyone

  • My Full Year with the Canon 7D
  • Canon 7D Tips: Problem focusing? Customize the AF!
  • Canon 7D Tips: Auto-focus not working? Check your settings
  • Customize Canon 7D Settings with My Menu
  • What should my first lens be?
  • Canon 7D & the Crop Factor
  • Minimum Focusing Distance and the Crop Sensor
  • Still Video Image or Camera Raw?
  • DSLR or Camcorder for HD-Video?
  • Shooting both Stills & HD-Video with One Camera
  • In-Camera Noise Reduction Settings
  • What’s that sound?
  • Noise Test Series on Canon 7D
  • Night Noise Test with Long Exposures
  • Burned by ebay? Try this for Used Cameras & Lenses!

II. Still Photography with the Canon 7D

  • Photoshop CS5 – HDR & Canon 7D Raw Files
  • The Reluctant Sunset
  • Photoshop CS5 – Finishing HDR with Topaz Adjust 4
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing 6 images or more
  • Before HDR, there were Neutral Density Graduated Filters
  • Updating Raw Files in Adobe Camera Raw 6 , Bridge CS5
  • Photoshop CS5 – Camera Raw 6 Lens Correction Profiles
  • Hell Froze Over – I’m Using Lightroom 3!
  • Lightroom 3 – Adding DVD and Blu-ray Archive Backup Disks to My Catalog
  • Lightroom 3 – Smart Collections Build Dynamic Collections
  • Time to Upgrade to a 600x Compact Flash Card
  • Recovering Photos and Video from Formatted Compact Flash Card
  • Reformat Corrupt Compact Flash Cards for a Clean Start
  • Canon 7D Tips on Using the Sigma 50-500mm f/4.5-6.3 APO DG OS
  • Bronx Zoo – Animal Photography and Sigma 50-500mm
  • How to Use a Monopod – Think Hand-Held-Plus
  • Tips on Shooting Time Lapse Video
  • Tips on Creating/Editing Time Lapse Video
  • Time Lapse Photography and Photoshop CS4 Actions & Batching
  • Canon 7D Tips – How to Photograph Fireworks Tutorial
  • Creating Miniature Toy Effect with a Tilt Shift Lens
  • Black & White Photography
  • Custom Functions and Shooting in B&W

III. HD-Video with the Canon 7D

  • Canon 7D / 5D Mark II Tips – HD video editing the easy way
  • Premiere Pro CS5 & 7D HD-Video the Easy Way
  • Tips on Shooting HD Video
  • Tips on Editing HD Video
  • Easy Slow Motion and Fast Motion Time Effects in Premiere Pro CS5
  • Easy Freeze Frame Time Effects in Premiere Pro CS5
  • Easy Reverse Speed Motion Effects in Premiere Pro CS5
  • Remote Control for Video Recording
  • DIY Follow Focus Ring for Video/Stills
  • Before You Buy a Camera Stabilizer, Try This $10 Solution
  • Premiere CS5 and Neat Video Noise Removal
  • Premiere Pro CS5 – Adjust Levels just like Photoshop
  • Dynamic Link to Jump Between Premiere Pro CS5 and After Effects CS5

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